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Herbacin for women Speed Shave fast & easy


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Silky-smooth skin – the shaving innovation created by Herbacin

Active Ingredients:

  • natural lipids of sweet almonds and shea nuts
  • vitamin E
  • organic camomile
  • aloe vera
  • fucose-containing biopolymer
  • panthenol
  • allantoin
- SKU: 23199


Herbacin for women Speed Shave fast & easy

Your shave can be so fast, easy and thorough at the same time! Whether armpits, legs, or bikini zone: Speed Shave fast & easy takes your shaving to a completely innovative level! Without water and the hassle of rinsing, the creamy formulation consisting of vegetable lipids and organic camomile not only ensures a perfect shave, but also a smooth gliding of the blade, protecting your skin against small cuts and irritations.

After shaving, for a silky-smooth skin sensation, the remaining cream can be gently massaged into the skin.


  • Also suitable for sensitive skin
  • Quick and easy to use wherever you are
  • Translucid emulsion – for a precise shave, helping to prevent cuts and injuires.
  • Effective protection against razor burns and pimples
  • Excellent gliding ability of the blade, even in difficult to access areas
  • No rinsing required

How to use:

Apply a thin layer of Speed Shave fast & easy to dry skin. After application, shave as usual with a sharp and clean blade. The remaining cream residues can simply be massaged into the skin and will promote optimal hydration.

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