Natural Nails Set


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We love beautiful nails! This set includes everything you need for a perfect nail care!

  • Herbacin Folding Nail File
  • Herbacin Nail Clipper
  • Herbacin kamille Hand & Nail Balm


The Natural Nails Set includes everything you need for a perfect nail care!


  • Herbacin kamille Hand & Nail Balm
  • Herbacin Folding Nail File
  • Herbacin Nail Clipper

Smooth hands essentially belong to manicured and strong nails. The highly effective Hand & Nail Balm strengthens hands and nails in a gentle manner.  It comes in a handy and hygienic pump dispenser. The precious ingredients of camomile extract, aloe vera and a rich vitamin complex allow for rapid absorption and is suitable for all skin types.

Rely on the handy Herbacin Nail Clipper when shortening your nails! You can easily shorten your nails to the ideal length you prefer. The benefits of this gadget are the easy handling and the curved cutting edge for optimal results. It guarantees an ideal nail shape! The Natural Nails Set is rounded off with the Herbacin Folding Nail File. You can file your nails gently and easy into the desired shape. It fits into every bag and is optimal due to its practical size.

  • vegan
  • no parabens
  • no mineral oils
  • no synthetic colors
  • dermatologically tested

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I’m thrilled! It absorbs quickly and smells wonderful, but unobtrusive. It very effectively cares for rough, chapped hands and brittle fingernails! – Anke L,38 years from Spangenberg

At the office, I have gotten into the habit of using Herbacin kamille Hand & Nail Balm after every hand wash. It immediately relaxes my irritated skin after washing my hands. It becomes soft again. Since the balm is absorbed incredibly quickly and does not leave a greasy film, I can immediately resume work at my desk. In the meantime, I even cream my hands in between longer conversations with my boss or my colleagues in my office. One or the other colleague has already tried the balm and they were all taken by the Hand and Nail Balm. – Nathalie L, 31 Years from Hannover

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