Skin Solutions

Herbacin Skin Solutions

Many people dream of beautiful and flawless skin. Over the course of their lives, roughly one in two people suffers from skin problems such as dry and cracked skin, acne, psoriasis or pigmentation marks. These problems can be triggered by stress and genetic predisposition, but also by an unbalanced lifestyle and diet, hormonal imbalances or environmental influences. Because skin problems not only affect a person’s external appearance but can also lead to mental stress, it is all the more important to find the right problem solvers. The new Herbacin Skin Solutions series helps combat and alleviate skin problems.

All products in the new Herbacin Skin Solutions series (with the exception of Dead Sea Salt Balm) contain the tried-and-tested combination of extracts obtained from aloe vera, camomile blossoms and marigold. This combination has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and promotes skin regeneration.