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Enriched with moisturizing and conditioning plant-based glyceryl oleates and natural extracts from herbs and fruits. Of course, pH skin-neutral. What’s your favorite: the gentle orange-tonka bean, the spicy ginger-lemongrass combo, or the exotic fruity blend of dragon fruit and passion fruit?



For every hair type, the right solution

Hot summer days, fun visits to the outdoor pool, and relaxing beach holidays can be a real challenge for our hair and scalp. Herbacin Herbal Shampoos offer the perfect solution for everyone. If you tend to have dry scalp in the summer, nourish your hair with our “Care” Herbal Shampoo. Oily scalp can be soothed with Herbacin’s “Balance” Shampoo. And fine hair gets its volume boost with Herbacin’s herbal formula featuring mango, ginkgo, and chamomile extracts.

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About Herbacin

Herbacin is one of the oldest natural cosmetics brands in Germany. As a manufacturer of high quality, herbal based care products, Herbacin has a global reputation. Whether Europe, Asia, North or South America, Herbacin has a large and growing fan base stretching around the globe: our brand stands for high quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Product Diversity

Our product portfolio includes over 180 products ranging from the popular Herbacin kamille hand cream with camomile, grown under organically controlled conditions, to high-quality care ranges for women and men, silicone-free shampoos, body care products and foot care products. Herbacin uses only carefully selected plant-based, skin-friendly ingredients. All Herbacin products are naturally free from parabens, mineral oils, and animal-based raw materials. It goes without saying that our products are also dermatologically tested.

Traditional Herbal Body Care ‘Made in Germany’

At Herbacin quality is our top priority. Herbacin body care products are made with high-quality herbal extracts at our production facilities in Wutha-Farnroda, the heart of a nature reserve in central Germany. All products meet the highest quality standards. They are researched and developed by our in-house R&D labs and manufactured using state-of-the-art production processes. The result? Premium body care products that are popular and in demand around the world.

The combination of traditional plant-based raw materials and innovative formulation techniques makes Herbacin herbal care products unique and effective.

Our Classics

Around the world Herbacin is known for its tried-and-tested, popular Herbacin kamille hand cream original with its proven skin-protecting and caring characteristics from camomile sourced from organic farming and plant-based glycerin. Whether you are a workman, technician, keen amateur gardener, DIY fan, or athlete, our moisturizing, protecting hand cream provides dependable all-round care for your hands.

Functional Body Care

Ever since Herbacin’s founding in 1905 we have placed value on developing functional body care products made from top-quality herbal essences. The beneficial qualities of herbs and essential oils have been well-known for centuries. Herbacin draws on this knowledge when developing its popular body care products, to provide care for body and soul.

For the love of nature

We refrain from using microplastics and mineral oil containing ingredients.

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