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Herbacin Double Foot File


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, - SKU: 91129


Herbacin Double Foot File

Our Herbacin Double Foot File made of glass thoroughly removes your cornea, layer by layer.
Even after the first use, you will feel a clear difference.

Two different abrasive surfaces (coarse and fine) ensure optimal results when removing calluse and cornea. The coarser side gently removes dead skin cells and painful hard skin. Use the softer side of the foot file for final cleaning and to soften the skin. Then apply Herbacin Foot Lotion and enjoy the velvety soft skin feeling on your feet.

The Double Foot File can also be used to remove unpleasant hardened skin on the elbows.

Cleansing, care and safety instructions for the foot file:
The foot file can be used on dry skin or under water.
The Herbacin foot file should be washed and disinfected regularly after use to remove any skin residues. It is important to keep the foot file. Discontinue use of the foot file if it should break after a fall or impact.

  • Gentle method for removing hard skin
  • Made of natural raw materials
  • No hazard to health
  • Antibacterial
  • The abrasive surface never blunts

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