Herbacin glass nail file


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For the care of natural and artificial nails.

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Our Herbacin glass nail file is intended for the care of natural and artificial nails.
The surface is fine-grained and evenly roughened. As the roughening is made directly in the base material, there are practically no limits to the abrasive qualities of our nail file.
A glass nail file is particularly beneficial for sensitive nails, as it helps prevent problems such as split nails. We recommend following up nail care with the use of our Hand and Nail Balm.

Cleansing, care and safety instructions for the smoother:
It’s easy to keep a glass nail file in a hygienic condition.
Wash and disinfect the file regularly after use to remove nail residue.
Discontinue use of the file if it should break after a fall or impact.

  • For the care of natural and artificial nails
  • Unlimited abrasive qualities
  • Helps prevent split nails
  • Hygienic
  • Versatile (e.g. removing hardened skin or fine filing of plastic and wood materials)

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