Foot Care Bundle


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Always have lovely legs and feet with the Herbacin Foot Care Set!

  • The series features 3 foot care products
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Is leg and foot care important to you? Then the Foot Care promotional set consisting of

  • Herbacin Foot Care Leg Lotion 200 ml,
  • Herbacin Foot Care Foot Cream 100 ml and
  • Herbacin Foot Care Cooling Gel 30 ml

is the perfect choice for you!

Give your legs and feet a treat! The Leg Lotion with camomile and red vine leaves provides relaxation for stressed and tired legs. The skin is nourished and calmed by the combination of natural avocado and almond oils plus camomile extract. The red vine leaves strengthen the blood vessels and boost the circulation.

The Foot Cream with urea and camomile is the ultimate moisturizing cream for stressed and sensitive feet. The skin is regenerated and nourished. It also helps to prevent the formation of hard skin, calluses, and cracks.

The Cooling Gel with menthol and camphor is ideal for hot, tired, and heavy legs and feet. The cooling care complex provides a revitalizing freshness and strengthens the blood vessels, and thus also the blood circulation in the legs. The moisturizing gel is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film.

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